Crehana — Revamping learning experience
Crehana is an educational platform that provides online courses and learning resources. It offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines such as design, photography, marketing, business, technology, and more. This education gives individuals the tools needed to enhance their skills, pursue their passions, and advance their careers.


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UX/UI designer
Figma, miro, maze
The problem
In 2021, Crehana experienced significant growth and secured funding, but their app's user experience needed a refresh to cater to the needs of their expanding user base of over 5 million users in South America and Spain. The app at the time was not prepared for the sudden growth it went through and wasnt optimize to become a sales funnel of Crehana.  
The solution
It was clear to us that the app had a potential to create engagement from our current users and revenue for newcomers. Our goal was to play a significant role in facilitating the success of Crehana. In order to do this we needed to understand how users studied and how they used Crehana as a tool for learning.
Deliverables and results
As a team we needed to think of revenue without leaving behind how our students used the app as a tool and what their preferences were. We went into research and after many interviews we finally decided to create pathways for a better user experience
We needed to engage students from the moment they signed up. We needed to be able to understand their interests and engage them with our content. Making our first actionable tasks and giving them a preview of all the possibilities that lied with their new acquired membership.
In order to increase revenue we needed to create a funnel for sales. Our goal to tackle was to create an app that supported mobile payments. We created a flow for them to sign up, or buy course packages in an easy manner.
Crehana has a wide arrange of features to make the learning experience easy and efficient. From Course Academies, to Lives every week. We needed to showcase these and follow a distribution thats logical for users and help them discover everything we had to offer.